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Miniature is a creative alliance based in Barcelona, co-funded by Adelaida Lamas and Roger Amat in 2008.
Their interest in all kinds of social spaces understood experimentally relevant is form, in part, of the disciplines from which they come (Art, Audiovisual Communication, Design and Psychology) and that find the proper connections to express widely in artistic practice. Their work can not be understood without their personal projects, always critical and born of he reality, nor without the synergies established in collaborations with other artist and creative professionals in the same process working. Their work are enrolled in the design world, the video and the contemporary art, so their projects can transiting from the fields tv to artistic spaces. This open the field of the audience in order to break their own artistic and cultural stereotypes. Many of their projects was been selected in different festivals and internationals art and design exhibitions, being award on several occasions. Recently were been recognized with the award Grand Laus Audiovisual (Spain) and also were finalist in ADC*E Best of European Design and Advertising Awards 2012.
Miniature. Serious and multi-disciplined creative. They are now also in Vancouver.


Laus Awards 2013 · Adelaida Lamas · Jurado Audiovisuales · Barcelona 2013
Miniput. Mostra de Televisió de Qualitat · TVEE. Televisió Espai Expositiu · Proyección y conferencia · Barcelona 2012
ZOOM. Festival Europeu de Cinema per a Televisió · Charla · Igualada 2012
FADfest · TVEE. Televisió Espai Expositiu · Proyección · Barcelona 2012
Festival Nunoff · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección · Barcelona 2012

Ingràvid Festival de Cultura Contemporània de l’Empordà · Volem els teus cèntims · Video instalación · Figueres 2011

Loop · ¡DESPIERTA! · Performance clausura festival · Barcelona 2011

Hangar Obert · TVEE. Televisió Espai Expositiu · Video-instalación · Barcelona 2011

Cinemes Girona · Mi Pequeño Ello · Estreno cortometraje · Barcelona 2011

Cinemes Girona · Cerdos Selectos · Proyección · Barcelona 2011

Mostra Audiovisual de Cultura Urbana_M.A.C.U · Jurado · Barcelona 2011, 2010

Loft is in the air · Olor d’Abans · Video-instalación · Barcelona 2010
Monógrafica 003: Nave Espacial (curated by Federica Matelli) · Olor d’Abans · Proyección · Sevilla 2010
Home Sweet Home: Werkstatt Kultures (curated by Federica Matelli) · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección · Berlin 2010
Festival Rebelarte · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección inaugural y conferencia · Barcelona 2010
Ingràvid. Festival de Cultura Contemporània de l’Empordà · Volem els teus cèntims · Intervención espacio público · Figueres 2010
BAC. Festival de Arte contemporáneo de Barcelona · Olor d’abans · Proyección · Barcelona 2009
CCCB: Retrospectiva DO · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección · Barcelona 2009
The Chili Moon Town · DREAM! · Performance · New York 2009
Ingràvid. Festival de Cultura Contemporània de l’Empordà (curated by Alex Brahim) · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección · Figueres 2009
La Capella · 7 pecats Capitals · Comisariado, comunicación y diseño espacio expositivo · Barcelona 2009
The Prague Contemporary Art (curated by Blanca de la Torre) · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección · Praga 2009
Moviehouse Sternberg Park Handball Courts · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección · New York 2009
Espai EART · La esfera pública desde la intervención artística y la agitación cultural · Mesa redonda (modera Adrià Pujol) · Barcelona 2009
Espai EART · Rebaño · Performance · Barcelona 2009
Antigua casa Haiku (curated by Alex Brahim) · Projecteblanc · Video-instalación · Barcelona 2009
Antigua casa Haiku · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Performance + DVD edición limitada · Barcelona 2009
Festival Live Sounds Tracks · La Metamorfosis de la Palomita · Proyección · Barcelona 2008
La Capella · Projecteblanc · Video-instalación · Barcelona 2008


Televisió Espai Expositiu /TVEE.  · Grand · Laus 2012 (Audiovisuales)
Televisió Espai Expositiu /TVEE · Oro · Laus 2012 (Continuidad de Cadena de Televisión)
Televisió Espai Expositiu /TVEE · Finalist · ADC*E Best of European Design and Advertising Awards 2012 (Corp. Video/TV)
Televisió Espai Expositiu /TVEE · Selection · MINIPUT 2012 (Mostra de televisió de qualitat)
We are DO · Bronce · Laus 2011 (Continuidad de Cadena de Televisión)
Continuidad XTVL · Bronce · Laus 2011 (Continuidad de Cadena de Televisión)


XAL · Xarxa de Telelvisions Locals (XTVL) · Ajuntament de Barcelona · ComRàdio · La Capella ·
Atrium Viladecans · Coca-cola · Animac · La fura dels Baus · Fundación Banco Santander · Mugaritz ·
Televisió de L’Hospitalet · Lamono · Ambiguous · Canal Blau TV · Laser · BUMAYÉ · Blim · Eikonos
Mobile World Capital · La Visual Producciones · Sr. Watson · European Organization for Nuclear Research ·



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We are DO

Denominació d’Origen was created in 2006 as a result of the wager that XTVL makes in the audiovisual field, creative understanding, an attitude that is diametrically opposed, for daring to offer conventional television programming grids to mainstream media. DO wants to become a creative community and in 2010 MINIATURE was responsible for art direction, concept and DO communication platform for three seasons; years in which the program enjoyed great popularity.

DO is now WE ARE DO. Through the creation of the concept “WE ARE DO”, assimilated a cry. We wanted to externalize a feeling that makes us a group and unites us as a community. At the same time, claiming importance – now more than ever – to the attitudes of overture and inclusion. Behind the convinced use of being in the plural first person, there is an attitude that firmly believes in pointing out the human sense of creation as the essential and most important component.


Client:  XTVL
Production studio: Miniature
Year: 2012
Direction:  Adelaida Lamas, Roger Amat
Photography:  Hector Ferreño
Art:  Adelaida Lamas, Roger Amat
Postproduction:  Miniature
Music & fx:  Miniature

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